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Cidersæt til 23 liter
Cidersæt til 23 liter
220,00 DKK

Cidersæt til 23 liter

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Powdered Apple Cider brewing kit – creates 23 litres

Our premium Apple Cider brewing kit contains the very best ingredients. This kit will create up to 23 litres of cider, with a quite dry yet mellow and full of character taste.

The story behind this unique Cider hobby kit:
We are suppliers to the liquor industry worldwide, through our well respected website Many years ago we were asked to produce yeast for cider that would bring out the best cider from apples. They had already tried other businesses and they had not found what they were looking for. Our yeast gave just the result they wanted - actually it also improved their white wine too. Our wine yeast regularly beats all other premium wine yeast - and also works with all wines, Champagne, Cider and Mead. Our General Purpose Bayanus wine yeast (which is unbelievably good) is used in all of our wine and cider kits. Since then, we now supply a huge amount of yeast to many well-known companies around the world.

Our Powdered Apple Cider brewing kit uses real dried apple powder (which contains no sugar). This powder has a lot of flavor, and makes it possible to brew Cider all year round and not just at harvest time.
1,2 kg.

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